These memorial urns provide a timeless and elegant tribute to a loved one. Eight graceful styles crafted from durable, distinctive materials and available in a wide array of soothing colors.

Our urns ensure an equally beautiful display in both memorial services and your home. They can also serve as a lasting tribute after the scattering of ashes.

In addition, all of our urns are easily personalized.

Our hand-crafted urns are composed of a blend of stone, resin and color pigments which imitate their natural counterparts. These materials combine to form a strong, beautiful and lasting memorial.

Distinctive Materials

  • Marble
    • Used for centuries by artists and designers due to its timeless beauty and remarkable durability
  • Onyx
    • A translucent, semi-precious gemstone of quartz variety with extremely fine and intricate crystal formation
  • Granite
    • Formed deep below the earth's surface where extreme temperatures reveal mineral grains and unique splendor
  • Stone-tone
    • Comprised of solid composite materials, texture finished by hand with a stone-like paint coating

Urn Styles

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Classic UrnAngel UrnCompanion Urn
Cube UrnGrecian UrnKeepsake Urn
Olympus UrnSmall Grecian Urn

Shown in Glacier White

Urn Materials and Colors

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Amethyst MarbleCobalt MarbleEbony MarbleEmerald MarbleGold MarbleMarlot MarbleNavy MarbleNeptune MarblePink MarbleRose MarbleSyrocco MarbleVerde Marble


Black GraniteBrown GraniteGray GraniteGreen GraniteRed Granite


Pearl OnyxRuby OnyxSapphire OnyxTeal OnyxWedgewood Onyx


Catalina StoneGranitone StoneNocturn Stone


Cremation urn breakaway Cremation urns